Original Film Raw Cuts (Shorts) on George & Mimi’s Love Affair for the Royal Family

[tube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGOyqzjqvwk”]

The distinguishing title of this video, as follows: Original Film Raw Cuts (Shorts) on George & Mimi’s Love Affair for the Royal Family. Hence, this video is categorised under Social Arts: Sing, Act, Model, Dance, Paint/Sketch, Shows.

Written, and Directed by Tyler Lord Hamilton.

Location for Filming Opportunity/Geographic Site: Tyler Lord Hamilton’s rustic elegant Clark Gable cottage, Santa Barbara, California.

Tyler Lord Hamilton’s actor-ship published work you are viewing was made possible thru no partial help other than full developmentalism, as well as financial contribution of Social Alchemy Project.

The authour Tyler Lord Hamilton of this original working political activism reserves (holds) all of the rights afforded to him under copy-right law. This includes distribution and performance, as well as the creation of derivative material. All Rights Reserved (Under International and Intellectual Property Law), Contents Copyright and Trademark Notice. 2013

This has been provided to you by Social Alchemy Project.

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